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Makers of Dance Energy dance school was established in Swansea in 1999 to overcome the formalities that can be associated with traditional dance schools.  From 22 students to maintaining over 250 for the last 13 years, the school’s stature for professionalism and quality means our reputation precedes us.

MODE celebrated its 15 year anniversary in April 2014 with a huge sell out show at Swansea Grand Theatre.  Followed by a big dance party for current and old students.

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Book a Trial

If you would like to attend a trial before enrolling with Makers of Dance Energy please fill out the enrolment form.

The trial class is £5 for Mini and Junior, £6 for Pre inter, Inter and Senior classes.  You can have up to two weeks pay as you go trial classes.  There is no uniform, so just clothes they can move in, trainers on the feet and a drink preferably non-fizzy.  That’s it! Come and join the fun! 


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  • Rhona Baldwin

    It was lovely to watch the lesson and get a feel for what you all do.  I was very impressed by the structure of the class and the enthusiasm of the girls assisting you! 

  • Samantha Griffiths

    I just wanted to let you know that Toria thoroughly enjoyed both classes with you tonight! Thank you for making her feel so welcome and see you next week

  • Sam Shingler

    Keira has had a fabulous week & met some lovely new friends. Thank you all. X

  • Lisa Corfield

    It was fab - kids have loved it this week-thank you!! Xx

  • Jill Newnham

    Good reputation + recommended by friends.

  • Clare Finselbach

    MODE is run smoothly; Sarah is very pleasant, friendly and helpful.  The lessons are short enough to keep my sons attention while not being too challenging” + “ I choose MODE because of many reasons; locations, times + cost being very important.  I contacted Sarah via email and she was very welcoming.

  • Ffion Harries

    As I had heard a lot of good comments from one other older child’s mum, I thought I would give it a go – it’s the best thing I have ever done.

  • Rhodri Harries

    I heard a lot of good comments from other parents, it’s the best thing, thank you for making his confidence grow so much.

  • Michael Bevan

    Friendly staff and good ethics.

  • Claire Harries

    Classes are local and affordable and I received great feedback from other parents when deciding on a school.

  • J Evans

    I chose MODE after speaking to Sarah and receiving a warm and professional welcome.

  • Heather Roberts

    Initially because it was local, we’ve stayed because it is friendly, professional and child centred.

  • Syvona Woods

    Maddi loves to come to MODE, as it is fun + friendly, she has met a lot of friends and achieved so much over the years ... the classes are fun, all the older girls help with the younger ones and the teachers are amazing.

  • Ffion Harries

    Since joining MODE it has built her confidence a lot. Ella loves coming everything about the dance class, she looks forward to coming every Wednesday.

  • Rhodri Harries

    Iestyn loves dancing with MODE, he has become more confident to dance, he enjoys learning new moves, he also loves showing his friends what he has learnt.

  • Rebecca Rassatter

    Relaxed atmosphere, make friends whilst learning new dance moves and keeping active ... fantastic show where the parents are so proud and the children are confident and raring to go ... fees have hardly increased in the past 4 years, have recommended MODE to many.

  • Sky age 6

    It’s fun and I enjoy learning new dances.

  • Michael Bevan

    I rang around and after speaking to Sarah, really friendly choose MODE. Wasn’t disappointed, Ashleigh started just before her 6th Birthday with no experience and was made to feel welcome and fitted in, in no time and was involved in the annual show which was a massive confidence boost – RECOMMENDED!

  • Claire Harries

    Demi has and still does dance everywhere she goes, even at the shops! She started dancing with MODE in the Minis and has progressed through the years to the Pre inters. Demi loves MODE and enjoys every class, Fridays are always a good day! She loves the sense of MODE being a big family!” + “happy children = happy mummys.

  • J Evans

    Being part of MODE for the past 5 years has seen my daughter grow in confidence and in her ability to dance as part of a wonderful dance school and team, thank you Sarah and teachers.

  • Kathryn Williams - Mini class

    Alisha enjoys coming as she has made new friends and Sarah makes dancing fun... the teachers and helpers are very friendly.

  • Anwaar Younnis - Pre inter + Junior Class

    Relaxed approach, Fun, Sarah is wonderful!

  • Heather Roberts - Mini Class

    I hadn’t realised that she loved it so much until 1 week I made a mistake with dates – she was inconsolable. She’s never got bored or not wanted to attend.

  • Jemma Leentfaar

    Adult class is fab! You burn as many calories laughing, as you do dancing!!!!

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  • Mini Mode

    Mini Mode

    Created for little dancers this class combines a fun mixture of dance, technical exercises and movement games

    Ages 3 - 5

    Length of Class - ¾ hour

    View Map View Timetable

    Created for little dancers this class combines a fun mixture of dance, technical exercises and movement games. Songs and poems are especially written by Makers of Dance Energy teachers, combined with current chart / TV music suitable to that age group. Makers of Dance Energy focuses on the dance basics that increase musicality, co-ordination and confidence.

    Each term is themed and children receive a free colouring sheet and stickers every week.

    Book Your Trial Now at your nearest Venue

  • Junior


    The Junior class offers the younger generation a chance to experience the funky combination of two dance styles in one creative session

    Age 6 - 8

    Length of Class - ¾ hour

    View Map View Timetable

    The Junior class offers the younger generation a chance to experience the funky combination of two dance styles in one creative session. Using current chart music applicable to their age, mixed with dance games, technique and routines, students increase mobility and co - ordination; gain confidence and have fun dancing.

    Book Your Trial Now at your nearest Venue

  • Pre Inter

    Pre Inter

    Pre Intermediate is designed to bridge the gap between Junior and Intermediate age groups

    Ages 8 - 11

    Length of class - 1hour of Jazz or 1 hour of Street or 2 hours of both

    View Map View Timetable

    Pre Intermediate is designed to bridge the gap between Junior and Intermediate age groups. This class aims to push the students that little bit harder as it separates the styles of Jazz and Street dance. Improving upon the basics of each dance style, new steps are added and students are encouraged to take their technique one step further. An energetic class full of new ideas, fun routines and funky steps that improves confidence, concentration and technical ability.

    Book Your Trial Now at your nearest Venue

  • Intermediate


    Intermediates are introduced to more specific styles within Street and Jazz dance

    Age 11 +

    Length of class - 1 hour of Jazz or 1 hour of Street or 2 hours of both

    View Map View Timetable

    Intermediates are introduced to more specific styles within Street and Jazz dance. Using a specially created dance syllabus that enhances their technique, flexibility and co-ordination, students focus on more detailed technical exercises combined with funky routines in both classes. Using current chart music, mixed hip hop tracks and introducing jazz, swing and musical theatre music this class gives a vast variety of dance and music trends.

    Book Your Trial Now at your nearest Venue

  • Senior


    The senior class is a more advanced version of the Intermediate class that allows the students to build on their technical vocabulary and develop a more individual style

    Age 13 +

    Length of class - 1 hour of Jazz or 1 hour of Street or 2 hours of both

    View Map View Timetable

    The senior class is a more advanced version of the Intermediate class that allows the students to build on their technical vocabulary and develop a more individual style. Dancing to mixed hip hop tracks, chart music and various styles of jazz music this class not only expands their dance skills but also enhances their cultural appreciation.

    Book Your Trial Now at your nearest Venue

  • Adults


    An adventurous, fun filled class for you Adults.

    An adventurous, fun filled class for adults, focusing on Street Dance technique.  With the option of being involved in the show or not - NO Pressure, just Fun! 

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Summer Classes 2017



 Open Jazz / hip hop classes

Summer 2018 - To Be Confirmed



Drop in and train! All welcome age 9+


Sorry - No Hip Hop venture this year :( 

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Parent Logon





This area will be available soon


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Dance Education

School Workshops

Early Years, KS 1 and 2, PPA cover.

Creative learning in a fun and engaging environment, your school dance workshop can be themed to your curriculum and teachers are provided with notes and resources.


“Sarah had the children fully engaged from the outset. The session was carefully planned and met my requirements perfectly. The use of rhyme and movement in her ‘action poem’ was very creative and effective. What a talent!  -  Rebecca Harris-Jenkins Reception Teacher,
Ysgol Bryn-Y Mor

Teacher Training + INSET

Programme 1:

Panic! It’s Dance class! In this Inset, you will learn how to create your own excersies to any theme! How to break the brain block.  Learn the tricks of the dance trade to help you through your class and deliver it with confidence and ease.

Programme 2:

Warm ups and Cool downs. 
In this inset you will learn 3 basic warm ups that covers all primary ages.  Then learn how to adapt them to suit your curriculum theme.

Assistant Teacher Programme

In house comprehensive assistant teaching programme that supports the learning and development of students and their interest in teaching.  Supported by the Childrens University.


Dance teaching qualification

Gain your level 4 (1st year of degree) dance teaching qualification through Sarah’s online and course based programme.

COMING SOON: -Please enquire

School workshop for key stage 2, that looks at the history of nursery rhymes, teaches the dances that go with the rhymes.  Supported peer led teaching of younger classes – passing history on. Click here to enquire

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  • Ace Kirby AJ

    Ace Kirby AJ read more

    Ace Kirby AJ

    A graduate of UEL Urban Dance Degree, I have been teaching for over 7 years. A professional dancer with numerous music videos including George Ezra, my passion for street dance its development and history is top priority. I love tea! Pizza and anything not good for you! As well as working with MODE, I am also an event manager for Deja Vu Entertainment organizing some of the top UK dance events.

    ace 200.jpg

  • Harrison Campbell

    Harrison Campbell read more

    Harrison Campbell

    As a recent graduate of Shockout the UK's only street dance training college, I still dance professionally between teaching and master class workshops.  Dance is my passion and I love having the opportunity to pass that on to the younger generation.  If I am not dancing, then its lunch with my mates! 

    H 200.jpg

  • Molly Carr

    Molly Carr read more

    Molly Carr

    After growing up being a dancer at MODE myself, I am overwhelmed and excited to now be a part of the teaching team. After studying dance at college for 2 years and a years intensive training at Shockout Arts, I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and skills. With over 15 years experience in MODE I looking forward to sharing the passion, commitment and love I have for the school.

  • Natalie Sabidio

    Natalie Sabidio read more

    Natalie Sabidio

    Don’t let my size fool you, in the words of Dylan Thomas “tough but tiny”. All I’ve ever wanted to do with my life was to dance and I am so privileged to be able to do it every day. I enjoy my job, I believe in high energy classes. If I’m having fun so will my pupils!! Dance class to me should improve not only the pupil’s technique and skills but also help their confidence and expand their minds. As the saying goes Live, Love, Laugh. In this job I definitely do all three. If I’m not dancing (which is all the time. Ants in her pants springs to mind) I can be found spending my time with my friends trying out new things whether its skate boarding down mumbles, paddle boarding or trying new things you can guarantee one thing. I’ll be smiling the whole time.

    PS if you ever find I’m not smiling give me food, it usually does the trick!!

    200x200-Natalie 2.jpg 200x200-Natalie 3.jpg

  • Sarah Gittins

    Sarah Gittins read more

    Sarah Gittins

    As the founder of MODE and mum of 2 young even busier boys, my cup of coffee (white if you are making) takes me head long into the school run. My passion for dance and creativity is evident, as anyone who I have bored the pants off whilst talking about it would testify! I am learning to worry less, laugh more, and not stress over the small stuff. If I am not singing Frozen (badly!) with my boys, creating poems or lesson plans, dancing in my kitchen or racing down a hill on my mountain bike (my new found hobbie!); then find me on the beach! Ideally with a glass of red!

    200x200-Staff - Sarah.JPG 

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  • What if my child does not want to attend anymore?

    You will need to notify the office before the term starts.
  • What if we miss?

    Then you can take a top up class; these are available to all students - if you miss a week, notify the office and you can attend any of our other schools and catch up your class, within that term. Unfortunately this is not available on show terms, as routines will vary from class to class.
  • What will my child be doing each week?

    It depends on the age group (see classes) generally dance classes are broken down into a number of sections. Warm ups, technical exercises, traveling and routines. If it is a show term, the focus is mostly on the show dance only.
  • When does my child move up a class?

    The classes are age based, however if we feel as teachers that your child needs to be challenged more then we will advise accordingly. Sometimes there is a big jump between two classes and we have to make sure the children are ready for that jump.

FAQ Background 1

FAQ Background 1
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News and Events

  1. Time Hop 22.May.2018

    news image

    Our annual summer show - tickets available now!

    Read more..
  2. Merry Christmas 12.Dec.2017

    news image

    From all at MODE we want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  3. NEW Timetable for SKETTY Classes 12.Dec.2017

    news image

    New Timetable for Sketty Classes on a Tuesday

    Read more..
  4. ENROLLING NOW! 11.Dec.2017

    news image

    Taking on New students from age 3+ for the SPRING Term 2018

    Read more..
  5. The Diana Awards 10.Dec.2017

    news image

    An honor to be invited to perform at this prestigious event.

    Read more..
  6. MODE Success Show 11.Jul.2017

    news image

    The riddle of Land of Forgotten Toys has been solved!

    Read more..
  7. NEW Hip Hop Class 22.Aug.2016

    news image

    Coming to Pontardawe this September

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Contact MODE


We would love to welcome you to one of the many fun dance classes we run, if you have any questions, please just ask away! Complete the short form and we'll be right back in touch.  Alternatively if you prefer a chat then please call Sarah on 07711638355. 

Contact Form

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